Maintenance + Inspection Services for Luxury,
Custom and Waterfront Homes

Your beautiful custom home deserves the best of care to preserve its beauty and enhance its value. Murray Premier Services (MPS) is an exciting new business created by award-winning luxury homebuilder Murray Homes to take care of all your concierge home maintenance needs. As waterfront specialists, we are also well-equipped to handle the particular needs of homes built on or near the water.

The MPS team consists of highly skilled building, construction and maintenance professionals with extensive expertise in luxury home maintenance and preventative care. Our staff understands that each custom home is unique and will deliver exceptional levels of quality craftsmanship and customer care.

What’s Included
The Murray Premier Services Luxury Home Maintenance program includes
but is not limited to the following checklist options:

How It Works

MPS carries out a thorough home check up, creates a detailed maintenance report, and produces a repair schedule. Each job is assigned to a project manager, who will oversee the approved sub-contractor performing the work and ensure a high level of craftsmanship and customer service. It provides homeowners the freedom to enjoy home ownership without all the service hassles.

We assume all responsibility for managing 100% of the HOME’S MAINTENANCE, SERVICE, and REPAIR needs, so you can enjoy your home.

Recipe for success

We’ve been helping clients realize the key to enjoying the Florida lifestyle is to have a trusted team looking after their home. We have an important job to do, and so do you. Please take your time getting to know this process. We’ll develop a comprehensive plan of care for your home to allow for timely repairs and maintenance, freeing you up to enjoy your favorite activities.

Signing up for MPS

An initial site visit to your residence is conducted. Here we discuss all of the benefits of MPS, do a walkthrough to gain an understanding of the property and discuss any additional requests you might have ie., renovations or upgrades to the property. This is the first step in establishing a relationship that will be built on knowledge, transparency and trust. You will be provided with a MPS contract to review and sign to become part of the MPS family, where we will ensure your Luxury home is well cared for.

First Home Evaluation

Welcome to your first home evaluation. Here, we send in our team, to perform, inspect and produce a report, identifying all maintenance issues.

This report has a numeric ranking system, dividing issues reported into 5 categories:

1 = Urgent Top Priority
2 = Recommended to be done now
3 = General Maintenance
4 = Cosmetic issues / opportunities
5 = Large projects / Remodeling

We review our findings with you and proceed with necessary repairs.

This is the beginning of creating a comprehensive plan of care for your home.

Second home evaluation

This takes place 6 months after the first home evaluation. We come in and repeat the process all over, to stay on top of all routine maintenance and keep your home in the greatest shape possible. We produce another inspection report, with a list of recommended repairs, to then execute repairs on. At this point , we have captured and headed off costly repairs, and continue to do so through preventative maintenance

Routine visits and recurring service

In addition to the two home evaluations, we will routinely inspect the home to head off expensive emergency repairs. If the homeowner becomes aware of needed repairs between inspections, the homeowner contacts us, and we spring into action to guarantee a safe and structurally sound home.

Every home has recurring or occasional maintenance, service, and repair upkeep needs. i.e., Lawncare, Landscaping, Pool Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, Driveway Sealing, Roofing, Window Cleaning, etc. At completion, most homeowners have no idea whether the service was performed correctly and whether it was a fair price.

We manage the process from A to Z. We identify the right service provider and negotiate the price. Upon homeowner approval, we schedule the service professional and meet them at the home. From there, we verify the service was performed correctly. Upon quality inspection and verification, we pay the service provider on behalf of the homeowner. We are the homeowner’s ONE contact for 100% of their service, maintenance, and home repair needs.

Transparent billing

The homeowner receives one monthly itemized service report of services performed. No more having to pay individual providers and cutting multiple checks. We process all of our payments via credit card, check or ACH.

We hope that you are now familiar with our process, but of course you may need to know more.

We look forward to getting all of your questions answered whenever you’re ready.

Feel free to connect with us and set up an appointment.

Benefits Of Using Murray Premier Services


You don’t have to figure out who to call and how long you’ll have to wait for service. We manage all of our subcontractors, so when we ask them to turn up, they turn up.


You don’t have to stay at home and wait for service providers to turn up. MPS obtains quotes, compares bids, schedules technicians, and oversees all the work for you.


Through regular inspections, MPS can identify potential issues and address them ahead of time, saving you stress and money in the longterm. Regular maintenance preserves the integrity of your home over the longterm, which increases its value when it comes time to sell.

For maintenance, renovations, and repairs let Murray Premier Services create a customized program for you today.

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For maintenance, renovations, and repairs let Murray Premier Services
create a customized program for you today.

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